Types of Roofs


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Due to the fact that they are fairly inexpensive and quite durable, this type of shingle roof is generally the most popular with homeowners. You can choose from a very wide variety of styles and colors. Asphalt shingles will stand up to quite a range of temperatures. They are renowned for their waterproofing qualities as well. You can expect a new asphalt shingle roof to last for about two decades on average. Their durability is usually dependent on the range of temperatures they have to deal with and the amount of intense sunlight. Note that it is also possible to purchase a specific type of asphalt shingle roof that will last much longer or be able to deal with those temperature extremes more readily.


Metal roofs are an increasingly popular option, as they are relatively low maintenance and lightweight. Over time, you will be able to repaint a metal roof. This is generally a lower cost option than a full replacement.


This type of roof is typically less costly to build than the sloped alternative. They are fairly easy to access and the latest versions are made of a material that reduces the amount of heat absorption, together with providing enhanced protection from leakage.
One of the most revolutionary and fastest-growing roofing products in the commercial sector is TPO. Thermoplastic polyolefin is a single ply membrane that is renowned for its performance and durability. As more clients are choosing energy-efficient roofing systems and heat reflective properties TPO single ply roofing membranes are becoming more popular. They provide outstanding resistance to ozone and chemical exposure, as well as ultraviolet rays.

Another alternative is the polymer- modified bitumen sheet membrane. This type of product has reinforced fabrics and is typically installed in multiple layers. The bitumen is made of reinforced polyester fiber matting or fiberglass, to make it much stronger and more durable.
Polymer modified bitumen sheets have the advantage of being weather resistant, very durable, fairly easy to install and easy to repair. They can put up with a variety of different weather conditions due to their flexibility and ability to expand and contract with different temperatures.

Customers can choose between two different types – APP and SBS. The latter is the most flexible of the two and has enhanced contraction and expansion capability. The former is more durable and increases the life expectancy of the roofing system. It is also the most popular of the two.


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